Copy of Testimonials


"I suffered from melasma for many years. After trying everything, I didn't see results and finally accepted that I’d just have to live with the dark spots on my face. Then one day I saw a Conffianz ad on television, and I was overcome with a feeling . . . hope! I thought this was a chance to finally fight back and gain control of my appearance! I bought Conffianz Clear & Confident kit and after a few weeks, I saw a real change in my skin!  I felt empowered because I was doing something that worked. I went from feeling hopeless, to hopeful, to fully confident and Conffianz led me there! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - AO 


"One day I brought friends home and my mother leapt out of her chair crying “why didn't you call me first. I have to put my face on!”.  I always thought my mother was beautiful, but it really surprised and saddened me to realize that she didn’t see herself that way. I heard about Conffianz and decided to buy it for her. She used the Clear and Confident system, and after a few weeks, we saw significant changes – not just in her skin, but in her! She no longer hides until she can “put her face on.” Her skin is beautiful, her eyes sparkle, and her confidence shines through." - RG



"Maria and I had everything in common. We loved the same movies, the same music, same style... and we both suffered from melasma. When she had to move, I was devastated. When she came back for a visit, I couldn't believe how great she looked. The dark spots were gone and in their place was radiant and clear skin! Before I could even ask her how she did it, she handed me this beautiful package of Conffianz and said, “This is for you! Use it, enjoy it, and thank me later!” Now Maria and I have two more things in common -- great skin and Conffianz!!!" - EG


Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars