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About Us



About Conffianz

As the leading Latina-focused skincare company, we understand that every woman is different and unique, yet we all share the same desire to look and feel our best! After five years of working with Latinas all over the United States, we have learned first hand that there is no one Latina skin type.

We come from many backgrounds and have many different skin tones. Our skin color varies from pale and freckly to dark brown. Skin of color has its own set of specific advantages and unique challenges, like hyperpigmentation, commonly known as dark spots or manchas. In fact, a recent study revealed that over 80% of Latinas will have dark spots at some point in their life.

We seek to empower women and help them feel beautiful and confident on the outside as well as on the inside. We do this by providing effective, yet affordable, skin care products designed to make a positive difference in the health and appearance of the skin.

Our unique combination of natural ingredients like citrus and ginger and medical-grade active ingredients, means our customers get visible improvement in their skin. We also believe we must do our part to lift up the Latina community and help bring about increased opportunity and equality.

Our Inexplicablemente Bella scholarship provides financial aid to Latinas pursuing higher education goals and we also partner with diverse organizations focused on education and health advocacy.