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Posts tagged: DIY

Cuida tu piel como se lo merece!

by Conffianz Beauty |

Hola beautiful, it´s time! Hablemos del cuidado de la piel.El órgano más grande de tu cuerpo necesita toda tu atención, es porello que acá te dejamos todo lo que tienes que saber para darle elcuidado que merece:La piel se compone de tres capasEpidermis: es la capa más externa.Dermis: capa más gruesa donde concentramos mucho colágeno y elastina.Hipodermis: capa donde...

DIY Christmas: Peppermint Edition

by Conffianz Beauty |

Hola Beautiful! This is the first of a two part Christmas DIY series. The featured ingredient is peppermint-present in the form of oil in our Conffianz Facial Cleanser. To relieve holiday stress, we’ll be using it to make a peppermint sugar scrub to include in a pampering bath session. Ingredients: -2 cups of white or cane sugar...

DIY: Green Tea Edition

by Conffianz Beauty |

Hola Beautiful! In our third DIY series post, the main star of this week will be classic green tea-featured in our Conffianz moisturizer with SPF 30. As if this ingredient couldn’t get more calming, we’ll be using it to make relaxing matcha green tea bath bombs for an at home spa day. Matcha is a powdered green tea,...

DIY: Orange, Almond, & Ginger Edition

by Conffianz Beauty |

Hola Beautiful! This focus on this week's Do It Yourself will be three of the most prominent ingredients in our Clear & Confident kit-oranges, almond, and ginger.  We'll be using these to make a natural air freshener, ready to fill your home with the most refreshing (and clean) scent!

DIY: Sunflower Edition

by Conffianz Beauty |

Hola Beautiful! This will be the first entry in the Do it yourself (DYI) series. 

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