Smell Good or Feel Good?

Body lotions with heavy fragrance may be OK for some folks but people with eczema or sensitive skin should really avoid using these types of products. Perfume or Fragrance can be an irritant which may cause your skin to become enflamed and quite irritated. Be especially careful when choosing products for your face because the skin is thinner and more sensitive. A VERY light masking fragrance is OK in most cases. A light masking fragrance is often used to cover the medicinal odor of active ingredients, humectants and emollients found in lotions. A light masking fragrance is not designed to make the user smell good, just the product. You can normally detect a masking fragrance if you apply a small amount of the product on your hand and the smell dissipates soon after application. It is the strong fragrance that lasts long after application that you should be EXTRA cautious of if you have sensitive skin.

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