Hola Beautiful! The skin is the largest organ in your body which makes it a great indicator of your overall health; this is why we continuously emphasize healthy eating and hydration.
Here are a few healthy habits for the winter months from our Conffianz experts:
*Eat foods rich in Omega 3s. Example of high omega 3 foods are: Sardines, anchovies and wild salmon.
* Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. If you want a warm drink try having warm water rather or decaf tea instead of coffee or Rompope *wink... because the caffeine and alcohol will actually dehydrate you.  
* Don't over wash your face/hands because doing so depletes the natural oils in your skin.
* Try a humidifier at night. It will add moisture to your skin and avoid dryness in your nasal passages
* Avoid showering, washing your face and hands with hot water. Always wear gloves in low temperature days.
* If you skin becomes dry and cracked, use a fragrance free moisturizer and avoid wool clothing directly on your skin because fragrance and wool can irritate compromised skin.  
    Our experts strive to bring helpful skin care tips to our Conffianz family. If you have any questions or topics you would like us to cover in the future please let us know.Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @conffianz

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