DIY: Orange, Almond, & Ginger Edition

DIY: Orange, Almond, & Ginger Edition

Hola Beautiful!

This focus on this week's Do It Yourself will be three of the most prominent ingredients in our Clear & Confident kit-oranges, almond, and ginger. 

We'll be using these to make a natural air freshener, ready to fill your home with the most refreshing (and clean) scent!


~2-3 oranges (cut into slices)

~If ginger is fresh cut into small, thin slices; if it's in powder, sprinkle accordingly 

~A couple of drops of almond extract 

~Mason Jar


1. Combine all ingredients in a pot on the stove,

2. Bring to a boil, and then lower the heat to a simmer *Ingredients will begin to quickly scent the kitchen and spread to other rooms*

3. Keep an eye on water level and make sure pan doesn't dry out-if it does mixture will start smelling burnt

 4. Once mixture has cooled down, dump it all into an opened Mason jar and enjoy!

Tip #1: As the water evaporates from pot, add more hot water..higher heat equals more fragrance.

Tip #2: After these have been heated and simmered for awhile, the water becomes cloudy  and some of the Iingredients lose their vibrant color. Although they don't look as pretty, they still smell good. 

Tip #3: You can reheat and simmer mixture again 2-3 times. Jar them up and refrigerate them between uses. If it smells good use it, if not lose it.


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